Site NameShort NameJambo PhoneJambo Email
15-passanger Van 2 (JHC/DCEF)15-passanger Van 2 (JHC/DCEF)210-305-6551
15-passanger Van 3 (JHC/DCEF)15-passanger Van 3 (JHC/DCEF)210-305-6314
15-passanger Van 4 (JHC/AB)15-passanger Van 4 (JHC/AB)210-328-3958
15-passanger Van 5 (JHC/AB)15-passanger Van 5 (JHC/AB)210-307-7091
15-passanger Van 6 (Ortho/DCEF)15-passanger Van 6 (Ortho/DCEF)210-322-7320
15-passanger Van 7 (IT/Med Supply)15-passanger Van 7 (IT/Med Supply)210-323-1501
7-passanger Van 1 (Ortho/AB)7-passanger Van 1 (Ortho/AB)210-300-7950
Aid Station - Action PointAction Point210-291-5713
Aid Station - GGM EastGGM East210-232-3927
Aid Station - GGM WestGGM West681-249-9023
Aid Station - StageStage210-216-2978
Aid Station - The BarrelsBarrels681-249-9026
Aid Station - The BowsBows681-249-9015
Aid Station - The OasisOasis210-232-4326
Aid Station - The PoolsPools304-877-8369
Aid Station - The RocksRocks210-300-5954
Aid Station - Water RealityWater681-249-9025
Aid Station -Adventure ValleyAd Valley210-315-9170
Base Camp AB FLABase Camp AB FLA210-322-6299
Base Camp AB
Base Camp C & D FLABase Camp C & D FLA210-241-4770
Base Camp C
Base Camp D
Base Camp E & F FLABase Camp E & F FLA210-247-8000
Base Camp E
Base Camp F
Chief PharmacistChief Pharm681-249-9017
Counselling ServiceCounseling210-240-8155
Crisis Incident Stress Management(CISM) CISM210-240-5979
DJCMO, Medical AdministrationDJCMO, Admin210-232-0934
DJCMO, Base Camp Medical FacilitiesDJCMO/Base210-216-4867
DJCMO, Health Information TechnologyDJCMO, HIT210-219-8081
DJCMO, Jamboree Health CenterDJCMO,
DJCMO, Specialty ClinicsDJCMO, SC210-216-1809
DJCMO, Summit Center Medical FacilitiesDJCMO/SCMF210-275-4089
DJCMO, Thrasher Mountain Medical FacilitiesDJCMO,
Dental ClinicDental681-249-9022
EI Van 1EI Van 1
EI Van 2EI Van 2210-322-9962
EI Van 3EI Van 3210-307-9558
External InterfaceExternal210-240-9734
GGM EMT Mobile Unit East GGM Mobile East210-232-5118
GGM EMT Mobile Unit WestGGM Mobile West210-260-6170
Garden Ground Mtn FLA 1Garden Ground Mtn FLA 1210-247-7111
Garden Ground Mtn FLA 2Garden Ground Mtn FLA 2210-303-3784
Garden Ground Mtn FLA 3Garden Ground Mtn FLA 3210-300-7842
Garden Ground Mtn FLA 4Garden Ground Mtn FLA 4210-249-1510
Garden Ground Mtn. Medical Team LeaderGGM Team Lead304-640-5380
Jamboree Chief Medical OfficerJCMO210-216-2412
Jamboree Chief Nursing OfficerCNO210-240-6039
Jamboree Health Center/Specialty ClinicsJHC/SC210-216-3853
Medical 1-Call (24HR)1-Call (24x7)304-719-5645
Medical HQ (24HR)HQ (24x7)304-719-7656
Medical HQ ManagerHQ
Medical IT ManagerIT
Medical SupplySupply210-232-3131
Medical SupplySupply681-249-9024
Medical Supply ManagerSupply
Medical Transport ChiefMTS
Medical Transport HQ (24HR)MTS HQ304-719-8132
Ophthalmology ClinicOphthalmology210-216-6387
Panel Van 2 (Med Supply)Panel Van 2 (Med Supply)210-216-6906
Pannel+C61:C97 Van 1 (Pharm)Panel Van 1 (Pharm)Pannel+C61:C97 Van 1 (Pharm)Panel Van 1 (Pharm)210-328-7960
Pick-up (PH)Pick-up (PH)304-719-7856
Public Health OfficerPHO210-240-5352
Spare FLA 1Spare FLA 1210-247-7784
Spare FLA 2Spare FLA 2210-248-8717
Spare FLA 3Spare FLA 3214-303-5548
Spare FLA 4Spare FLA 4210-259-5146
Spare FLA 5Spare FLA 5210-303-7756
Stadium MedicalStadium 210-219-9843
Stadium Medical CMOStadium CMO304-719-3729
Sub Camp C1/C4 Sick-Call ClinicC1/C4681-249-9016
Sub Camp C3 Sick-Call ClinicC3210-232-0288
Summit Center FLA 1Summit Center FLA 1210-300-7673
Summit Center FLA 2Summit Center FLA 2210-247-7275
Summit Center FLA 3Summit Center FLA 3210-247-8173
Summit Center FLA 4Summit Center FLA 4210-246-3346
Summit Center FLA 5Summit Center FLA 5210-300-7382
Summit Center FLA 6Summit Center FLA 6210-303-4085
Summit Center FLA 7Summit Center FLA 7210-241-9953
Summit Center FLA ManagerSummit Center FLA Manager304-877-1020
Summit Health
Summit Medical DirectorSMD210-216-3010
The Trax Immediate CareTrax304-719-7630
Thrasher Mountain FLA 1Thrasher Mountain FLA 1210-300-5971
Thrasher Mountain FLA 2Thrasher Mountain FLA 2210-268-4958
Thrasher Mountain FLA 3Thrasher Mountain FLA 3210-300-6611
Thrasher Mountain FLA 4Thrasher Mountain FLA 4210-247-8009
Thrasher Mountain FLA 5Thrasher Mountain FLA 5210-244-3126
Thrasher Mountain FLA ManagerThrasher, FLA Manager210-328-4240
Thrasher Mountain MedicalThrasher210-219-7661